Logistics Plus sustainabilitySustainable logistics solutions.

As a responsible logistics provider, Logistics Plus Egypt is committed to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. We actively seek ways to reduce carbon emissions, optimize transportation routes, and promote eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. By adopting sustainable practices, we contribute to a greener future and support our clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

Logistics Plus Egypt will:

  • Minimize pollution and consumption of fuel, energy, and water where possible.
  • Reduce and dispose of waste with minimal environmental impact.
  • Develop and maintain a management system that establishes responsibilities, targets, monitoring methods, and environmental performance reviews.
  • Provide awareness training and, where required, job-specific training for employees on environmental issues.
  • Consider environmental aspects in all investment and procurement decisions.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to introduce programs that support our environmental objectives and targets where their activities significantly impact the environment.
  • Consider and respect our stakeholders when managing our environmental activities.
  • Support innovation in environmental performance with the involvement of our stakeholders.