Product Packaging & Labeling

Enhance your shipments with our Product Packaging & Labeling service. Our expert team ensures your goods are securely packaged and professionally labeled, meeting industry standards and minimizing transit risks. From branding to regulatory compliance, we add the final touch that makes your products stand out and arrive in prime condition. At Logistics Plus Egypt, we elevate your shipments for a lasting market impact.

Assembly & Configuration

Trust our skilled team for meticulous assembly and configuration, including intricate setups and customizing IT equipment to your precise requirements. Your products are delivered fully optimized, saving you time and ensuring peak performance. Logistics Plus Egypt is experienced in executing the assembly and configuration of high-value equipment to our client’s exact specifications.

Quality Control & Inspection

Upholding our commitment to excellence, we employ stringent quality control measures across the logistics journey. Our dedicated team conducts thorough inspections from origin to destination, ensuring your shipments comply with industry standards and your expectations. With meticulous attention to detail, we safeguard your cargo’s integrity and optimize your supply chain efficiency.

Reverse Logistics Management

Our comprehensive approach extends beyond conventional logistics. We excel in managing the complexities of returns, exchanges, and end-of-life product processes. From efficient product recall management to eco-friendly disposal, our solutions minimize waste, maximize asset recovery, and enhance customer satisfaction. Trust us to streamline your reverse logistics, contributing to a sustainable and seamless supply chain.

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