Logistics Plus Egypt is a complete IOR and EOR service provider.

Navigating the complexities of Egypt’s import regulations demands a seasoned partner. At Logistics Plus Egypt, we boast extensive experience in dealing with intricate processes, particularly with entities like the National Telecoms Regulatory Authority (NTRA).

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We understand that the Egyptian customs system requires meticulous attention to detail, from Certificates of Origin to Declarations of Conformity. Our adept team ensures that all documents undergo necessary approvals, notarization, apostille, chamber attestation, and legalization. Moreover, we specialize in securing essential manufacturer letters, a crucial step in obtaining clearance for shipments. One letter, issued by the manufacturer (OEM), grants purchasing and shipping authorization to the client. The second letter empowers the importer to facilitate smooth entry into Egypt. Our proficiency in these procedures expedites the otherwise time-consuming process.

Partnering with Logistics Plus Egypt means harnessing a wealth of knowledge to streamline customs clearance. We take pride in our capability to handle these intricacies effectively, ensuring your imports comply with regulations while saving you invaluable time and resource